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How European Countries Are Coping With Corona Virus

   The arrow points down, but the sign urges caution. After five consecutive days of fewer and fewer new deaths, Spain saw a sharp increase in coronavirus fatalities on Tuesday. Nonetheless, the rise was attributed to weekend deaths only now being recorded and that overall, the trend remains downward. Spanish firefighters are playing a vital role in the support of medical professionals. Fire crew volunteers are decontaminating ambulances and other public authority vehicles which have been carrying coronavirus patients. Miguel Angel Lopez from Madrid Fire Services says – "the most important thing we can do is give our best to the situation. There are many different groups working and the most important are the public health workers who are moving mountains. We must give all we have because we're going to win; we are going to beat this." In the French capital, Paris city authorities have now banned outdoor exercise between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. amid
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How To Care For Someone with Covid-19 at Home

    People with mild covid symptoms for example a new consistent cough or body temperature 37.8C or above, must self-isolate at home for a minimum of 7 days, according to recent guidance provided by Public Health England. If the condition worsen or don’t settle out after 7 days, then patients must contact their nearby health services – in the United Kingdom it is the NHS 111 Covid Service. So how can you take care of someone in your house who gets covid? Laura Foster from the BBC explains precautious you can take while caring for somebody who has it. Here is how you can care for someone with coronavirus at home.   #1 - What they need Someone with corona virus symptoms needs rest, nutritious food and to regularly drink water. Paracetamol can help lower a fever but if symptoms get worse or don't go away after a week then contact your health service.   #2 - Isolate their area They'll need to stay isolated at home for the next seven days. Ideally they should hav

Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones 2020

    There are many wireless headphones out there, and they are available in all sizes and shapes with differing features and audio quality. In this post, we're breaking down the best wireless headphones available this year based on performance, price, and situations they'll be used in. We'll consider products in every range of budget, so whether you've got a few dollars to spare and want a great value product or you want the absolute best, we'll have a selection for you. So if you're interested in discovering which set of wireless headphones will be ideal for you, read on. The products listed in this post are not in exact order, so make sure to read until the end, so you do not miss anything.   # 1 – Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones   Specification: Bluetooth:  Yes |  Battery life:  20hr |  Noise-cancelling:  Yes |  Built-in mic and controls:  Yes | Charging:  USB | Price : Under $400 Pros: ·         Stylish and Comfortable ·         Next-g

Top 10 Weight Loss Clinics That Work

  Due to the increasing number of obese or overweight adults, weight loss clinics are fast becoming popular for the roles they play in helping people achieve and maintain a healthy weight. However, it is very important to do your homework on any weight loss clinic before committing to it if you intend to work on your weight safely and healthily.   So, do weight loss clinics work? Apart from helping you lose weight, these clinics help you do so in a healthy, effective and safe way under the supervision of medical professionals. Making use of exercise, dieting, and supplements use and in some instances, weight loss surgery. This article is about the 10 best weight loss clinics you would like to choose from.   1. California Medical Weight Loss Located in California, this weight loss clinic services areas like Burbank, Los Angeles, Cerritos, and Beverly Hills just to name a few. Their weight loss program is not just comprehensive but individualized based on your metab